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Environment Technical Artist


My name is Lap

It’s never to late to learn something, you can start when you feel ready

About Me

I am a technical environment artist who loves collaborating with enthusiastic individuals to create amazing games, although I am also proficient at working independently. As a social, self-motivated, and adaptive learner, I possess a wide range of skills and a strong passion for VFX and technical art. With a particular focus on environment art, I constantly strive to enhance my abilities while supporting others on their creative journeys.

Currently, I am seeking an in-house position where I can grow both professionally and personally, becoming an integral part of a close-knit team. I am capable of working autonomously, but I am always eager to contribute my general skills, team spirit, and effective communication with other departments and clients to any project. In my free time, I enjoy playing and creating games. Although I am not a game designer yet, I am actively improving my skills and would gladly participate in any projects in that realm.

Professionally, I specialize in real-time rendering environments and devote my spare time to indulge in my passions for storytelling, cinematography, and real-time rendering techniques. I am open to a variety of opportunities, including short animations, architectural visualization, freelance work, and live-action projects.

I am excited about the prospect of joining a dynamic team and making a significant impact in the world of game development. Email me with any inquiries!


I'm an expert in

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I'm good at



I'm an expert in


* Realtime Performance Optimization

* Material & Shaders

* Scene Lighting

* High & Low Poly Modeling

* Unreal Engine Blueprints

* Cinematic Production

* Environment Production, Level Design

* Post Processing

* Particle Systems (Niagara, Cascade)


Old Portfolio










Please click on the project 2022 and 2023 button to view demos of my latest projects.


Work Experience


Feb 2018 - May 2020 

Environment/Prop Artist

*Modular asset creation, stand-alone prop creation *Optimize and re-texture existing assets

*Tileable/Non-tileable texture creation

*Hard surface modeling

Jun 2020 - Apr 2021
Environment/Unreal engine development 

* Modify and optimize assets for UE4

* Level design, and lighting for the environment

* Polygonal modeling for video games, movies, and Cinematic

* VR - AR blueprint development 

Apr 2021 - Jun 2022
Environment/Unreal engine development 

* Create environment and lighting for film and

game trailer

* Create sequence, fix the camera for film and game trailer

* Ar-Vr blueprint development 

* Shading/Lighting and Rendering

4 / Unikom JSC ( 
Jun 2022 - present
Technical Environment

* Create environment, development mechanic, and UI for metaverse game.

* Create shaders, effects and technical art for the game.

* Ar - VR development

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